Support STA While you Shop

Did you know that while doing your Christmas and other shopping you can earn money for St. Thomas? Simply purchase gift cards for many retailers by shopping at Shop With Scrip to earn up to 10% for Saint Thomas!

How to order Scrip

Our SCRIP Office is open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30 am until 3:30pm, and on Fridays 7:30am-9:30am and then again from 2:30pm-3:30pm. Also, for your convenience, SCRIP can be ordered 24/7 at our On-Line Ordering System. It is very simple to use: choose your restaurant, store or other shopping partner, then select the increments of SCRIP you would like, click submit order, fill out your name, where you want your SCRIP delivered (default is for parish office). Order completed! We even send you a copy of your order via e-mail to confirm that we received it.

Ready to place an order?

Click here to order online!
If you would prefer, please download a form, fill it out, and drop it by our office.
Download the Scrip Order Form

Tuition Rebate Incentive Program

St. Thomas the Apostle offers a Tuition Rebate Incentive Program (T.R.I.P) through the SCRIP program. After the first $150 in profit from your SCRIP purchases, STA will credit you with 50% of the remaining profits from your family’s purchases. All participating families will receive a credit toward their tuition which will be applied to the school year following your earnings. For this program to benefit your family, you must start thinking in terms of using SCRIP for all of your family’s needs. Bring in family and business orders or talk with your friends about buying all their movie tickets or grocery store purchases through SCRIP. You can bring in any order and your family gets credit.

Are you a Fry’s Shopper?

The Fry’s Community Rewards Program requires linking your VIP card to St. Thomas the Apostle #80065. Click here to learn how: FRY’S COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM.

Are you a Basha’s/AJ’s Shopper?

Purchase a gift card for $10, which is good for a $10 purchase. When you get to the cashier, any dollar amount can be added to your STA Basha’s/AJ’s card before purchases are made by using cash, debit, credit or check. Our school earns 6% every time you reload the card and the profit is tracked back to our school and to you, the school family, and credited to your T.R.I.P. account.

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