Primary Grades

The Primary years are a time for exciting spiritual and intellectual growth and increased responsibility for one’s work, time, and actions. Students manage their assignments and time via a written daily agenda. The curriculum further strengthens new abilities in creative writing and logic. Each year in their writing, students demonstrate increasing sophistication in all aspects of language, from vocabulary and syntax to the development and organization of ideas. Confidence increases as students master math facts and concepts that they then use to solve problems inside and outside the classroom. Faith is the center of activities during 2nd and 3rd grade as students prepare for and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation.

During 4th and 5th grades civics and service are an important focus as students begin to recognize their role in our community. Learning more about our state and government allow our students to experience class lessons coming to life. Field trips to the State Capital, Biz Town, and altar service are highlights of the year. Partnering with the Down System Network give the students opportunity to create friendships and allows them to take the lead in our STA Serves Program by creating and implementing programs.

Students become more involved in our parish and community through our STA Serves program where they develop a compassion and respect for others.